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Seabird Island Environmental Study Information

Enbridge is conducting environmental field studies within Seabird Island’s Reserve and Traditional Territory to inform project planning for the proposed Sunrise natural gas pipeline expansion. Surveys will assess potential impacts and gather data on fish, wildlife, vegetation, wetlands, soils, watercourses, and archaeology. Studies scheduled between September 2023 to September 2024 aim to incorporate Indigenous knowledge while meeting regulatory requirements. Enbridge seeks Seabird Island’s guidance and participation in field activities. All crews will have identification and obtain necessary permits. Studies will shape pipeline routing, facility siting, and mitigation strategies. Learn more and provide input by contacting Enbridge.

Survey on the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) update


Seabird Island Band (SIB) is updating its 2012 Environmental Management Plan. It is critical to assess whether compliance with the EMP has succeeded in improving the environmental resources found on our lands and/or the environmental behaviour of our members’ management of these resources.

The SIB EMP is a statement of environmental goals, actions, and strategies to guide the Seabird Island administration and members, on land stewardship, our responsibility to the lands, resources, and waters which we have enjoyed and protected since time immemorial.

In the 2012 EMP, Environmental Operating Procedures (EOPs) were developed for:

·        Solid Waste Management;
·        Ground and Surface Water Protection;
·        Wastewater Management;
·        Air Quality;
·        Soil Management;
·        Habitat Protection;
·        Fuel Handling and Storage;
·        Environmental  Assessment; and
·        Environmental Emergency Response.

The Survey will provide you with the opportunity to comment on the effectiveness of the 2012 EMP and provide an opportunity to identify any new environmental issues/priorities.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding this questionnaire or the 2012 EMP, please contact Lands at

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Nova Pacific Environmental Ltd. (NPE) was retained by Spruce Hollow Heavy Haul Ltd. (the “Proponent”) to complete an Environmental Assessment (EA) for future use impacts on land being leased at the Wahleach Yard on Seabird Island Reserve Land in Agassiz, BC (the “Site”). The Site is located at Wahleach Crossing Road where it branches off of Highway 7 approximately 25 km south of Hope BC. The Site is underlain by the Agassiz Aquifer and is approximately 260 m west of a braided section of the Fraser River.
This EA report describes the current and historic condition of the property, the Valued Environmental Components (VECs) and Valued Social Components (VSCs) of the Site and surrounding area, an assessment of cumulative effects and provides recommendations for mitigating potential impacts of proposed land use activities on the environment. The VECs and VSCs considered in this EA include, but are not limited to:
– groundwater;
– fish and fish habitat, including surface water;
– vegetation and wildlife;
– social considerations, including water quality, air quality and noise; and,
– archaeology.
The proposed use of the leased land is temporary parking and storage of long-haul transport trailers carrying green energy equipment and personal vehicles of the drivers (the “Project”).

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Seabird Island Band is looking for member input on the proposed lease and the environmental assessment. Please share your comments by June 1, 2023, at 4 PM.

Submit any comments to the Seabird Lands Department;

Fire Ban

A full fire ban is now in effect until September 30, 2023

  • No burning is permitted until September 30, 2023

  • No open burning is permitted on Seabird Island reserve land

  • No burn permits will be issued by the Lands Department

SIB Land Management

Éy kws hákw’elestset te s’í:wes te siyólexwálh
Xaxastexw te mekw’stam
Éwe chexw qelqelit te mekw’stam lóy kw’es li hokwex yexw lamexw kwú:t
S’ólh téméxw te íkw’eló xólhmet te mekw’ stám ít kwelát
It is good to remember the teachings of our ancestors;
Respect all things;
Don’t waste, ruin, destroy everything, only take what you need;
This is our land we have to take care of everything that belongs to us.

Our lands are a traditional gathering place. Our membership has strong ancestral ties to the land and the water. This provides us with deep social, cultural, and economic value. Our community’s ancestry is traced back through the Lower Nlaka’pamux of the Fraser Canyon and the Tait Tribe of the Upper Stó:lõ. Our ancestors gave us our unique mix of language and culture. We will protect it. We will pass it onto our children for generations to come.

Our land base is one of the largest in the Stó:lõ Territory with a membership population just over one thousand. Our land is our most valued resource and we seek to balance the needs of our community social and economic development growth. Our land is rich and we will strive to achieve economic success while preserving our values that we have for the land and water.
Our ancestors saw themselves as stewards of the land and its resources. They were to be valued and shared. Our Land Use Plan has been developed with this spirit in mind.

View Full Document – Seabird Land Use Plan

Dear Members;

The Lands Department would like to invite you to review and complete the 4 projects: Cemetery Mapping, Community and Family Histories, Strength of Claim and Traditional Land Holdings. We are tentatively planning interviews for the 17th and 18th of November. Please call the Band Office and ask for Lands, or send us an email to the address below, if you would like to schedule a time to share your knowledge with us.

If you would like the project documents sent to you by email, please send a request to

Community &
Family Histories

Seabird Island Band (SIB) respectfully invites you to help us better document stories about the history of our community. This project is designed to benefit present and future generations through the creation of a community history book and school curriculum.


Seabird Island Band is honoured to work with members to assist with identifying where our loved ones are buried. To address the need to manage the cemetery plots, identify where people are buried, SIB respectfully asks you to share your family knowledge with us.

Strength of

Seabird Island Band (SIB) respectfully invites you to share your knowledge of traditional land use activities to help us manage resources and protect our rights within our ancestral territory. This project is designed to benefit present and future generations.

Traditional Land

Seabird Island Band (SIB) is honoured to work with members to define and identify Traditional Land Holdings (TLH). Seabird Lands is funded to research traditional land holdings and plan next steps for Seabird Island, as a whole.